Heating project, illustrated

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heating project, illustrated

If a client is given a speaker’s slot at an event specifically intended for his or her target group, that presents opportunities. These are not direct sales talks, but a good story can always serve to arouse interest in potential prospects. An enthusiastic speaker is a must, and we all know, since that particular press conference on the coronavirus held by Prime Minister Wilmès, how a boring and lengthy PowerPoint presentation can be counterproductive to conveying a clear message. Remeha therefore opted for a video case.

And… Action

The various authorities in this country are an important target group for the heating manufacturer Remeha. During the climate and energy day organized by the Flemish association of cities and municipalities (VVSG), Remeha was given a chance to present its vision of sustainability from the perspective of a heating specialist. Remeha wanted to demonstrate a recent project: a gas absorption heat pump in the renovated town hall of the municipality of Kontich.

The great advantage of such a video for an end client is the authenticity of the story. Because the interviewee spoke from his own experience and in his own words –- in other words, not in overly technical terms – the account was relatable to other decision-makers in the same sector.

Remeha Video case
Remeha Video case

Quick workflow

One of the challenges with films and deadlines is that the shoots have to fit in to everyone’s agenda. There are already other meetings scheduled, holidays booked and something unexpected can always arise. In this case, we could only start shooting three days before the due date.

On a Tuesday morning, the interviews with the mayor of Kontich and the head of the planning office were in the can. We also took the time to take various shots of the town, the building and of course its heating system. Thanks to our specific way of working, we were able to deliver a first, nearly final edit that evening. All those involved could then give us their feedback and supply the missing logos. As a result, on Thursday we were able to deliver the final video. This meant that Remeha was able to send its presentation, with the case study, to VSGG by the deadline.

Remeha video case

At a later stage, the video was subtitled in Dutch and French, so that Remeha could post the video on its own channels (website, social media) and use it in sales talks.

Remeha video case

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