Message in a package

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message in a package

The word Sportlife immediately calls to mind the chewing gum brand. It is one of the best known brands of gum, with its most successful flavours: Smashmint and Peppermint. In the fast-moving world of consumer goods, it is important to remain top of mind among clients.

In order to ensure the brand and the favourite flavours remain firmly established, we opted for an atypical approach. Now that everyone communicates almost exclusively online – who still writes a physical letter? – we did the exact opposite, with the Message in a Package campaign. A handwritten message in the blister pack of Sportlife gum that you can give to friends, family or an acquaintance. Think up a nice compliment, an unexpected word of encouragement or an invitation.

Message in a package

We made three short films featuring familiar relationships (father-daughter, mother-son, couple), but in each case with a surprising story line and a human message. This was prompted primarily by the coronavirus, since everyone could use a little pick-me-up in such times. The films focus on the importance of human relationships, and Sportlife plays a small role in that. In other words, #Sportlifemoments reinvented, with the pure feel good factor associated with the brand. The campaign will soon be live, so be sure to look out for it. 

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Yes, happiness is sometimes in a little... packet

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