Public relations

the press release is in your mailbox.

PR is just sending out press releases, right? If only it were as simple as that... The power of PR lies in the relationship. Chatting with journalists and influencers tells us what they are looking for. And that gives us access to your target group, with relevant stories.

Office workers

too busy making
the news

Storytelling & newsjacking

(Social) media screening, breaking news stories, opinion articles, blogs, interviews, speaking opportunities, review programs, press releases, social stories

Media/Influencer relations

Personal contacts with journalists and influencers, building communities offline and online, working with third-party influencers

Media events

Launch events, pre briefings, press conferences, influencer/press tours, debates, round table sessions

Corporate affairs

Executive profiling, corporate social responsibilty, reputation management, internal communication, investor relations, public affairs

Crisis communication

Messaging, internal communication (employees), external communication (partners, customers and press)

Media training

Introduction to our media landscape, messaging sessions, interview techniques on and off camera, do's and don'ts before, during and after interview

PR success stories


A tasty beer requires love, craftmanship …and patience.


Summer recipe book: "Happy Water"


Brand strategy and an efficient go-to-market plan


Brand launch strategy

the success of a story depends on what you do with it

Ultimately, it’s all about making the right choices. We are one of the few agencies in the Benelux to combine the strengths of PR, (digital) marketing, content and design inhouse. So we can translate the most complex issues into successful campaigns. That’s how we build a lasting brand reputation for your company.

Our customers

We turn these customers into favourite brands in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.