Shop in shelf

Shop in shelf

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shop in shelf

Support LaCie & Seagate sales growth in the physical stores and maximize brand awareness through a new design of the POS marketing tools in store.

This Shop in Shelf project went through four phases:

  1. Analysis: the existing shelf presentation of the products were analyzed, e.g. via a short survey. What could be better? How do competitors present their range?
  2. Design: Based on this analysis, our branding specialists came up with some concepts. After consultation with Seagate/LaCie, we had a realistic mock-up of the new store concept in full size.
  3. Elaboration: for the different materials used (plexi displays, forex, stickers, printing, ...) we were looking for the best quality/price solution to start production.
  4. Implementation: the implementation in the retail outlets was closely monitored with our partner in Germany. Their feedback was very important to make adjustments during the process, e.g. stronger magnetic foils were required.
Seage shop in shelf
Shop in shelf

In 2018, more than 200 stores of Media Markt / Saturn were handled in Germany.  The comparison of the sales figures show that LaCie / Seagate are selling more copies per store. Both sell-in and sell-out had double digit growth figures. Besides this sales growth, the brand recognition of LaCie / Seagate has also increased.

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