• #Marketing

Account Manager

Are you someone who cannot be defined by a single specialist field? Do you have lots of ideas and masses of interests? Is your head constantly buzzing? Is ‘critical’ your middle name and coordinating your thing? And do you have a healthy dose of common sense?

We are looking for a marketing account manager for various clients. A creative generalist with a critical view, a strategic eye and a sense of responsibility.

 What exactly does the position involve?

  • You are the first point of contact for your clients.
  • You translate their strategic goals into concrete achievements, but you can take hold of things yourself, as well.
  • You coordinate the various project teams (strategy, copy, digital, design, etc.).
  • You keep an eye on quality and deadlines.
  • You are in charge of the schedule and budgets as well as the related administration and reporting.
  • You will work for both established and upcoming (inter)national brands.

What do we expect of you?

  • You are a team player who does not shy away from taking responsibility.
  • You are great at planning, time management and setting priorities.
  • You speak fluent Dutch and English. French is a plus.
  • An interest in and understanding of marketing is necessary, but we learn the core on the job.
  • You are a chameleon: each client requires a different approach and you can adapt to this.
  • You are critical. An eye for detail is essential.
  • You are brilliant at spotting opportunities for your client.
  • An affinity with technology is an asset.
  • You bring clear added value to the team.

You have at least two years’ experience in marketing/communication.

Apply for a permanent job or as a freelancer: