Press event for Oude Gueuze

EYLENBOSCH – press event for OUDE GUEUZE

press event for Oude Gueuze


Launch of the traditional Oude Gueuze beer with online tasting 

The new Eylenbosch is here. Normally, this kind of event is for a wine, but we made an exception for this Oude Gueuze. The story of the restart of the famous kriek and Gueuze brewery Eylenbosch started 3 years ago After a successful launch and crowdfunding campaign, its own lambic was sufficiently mature to launch the first batch of Oude Gueuze and Oude Kriek on the market. 

At the launch of Eylenbosh 2.0, we had already held a press conference to tell the exciting story behind the 'start-up'. To launch the two top beers of the Eylenbosch range, we opted for an online meeting with journalists, because of the restrictions imposed on gatherings due to the coronavirus. 

Because the event was held online, we proposed to record the explanation about the Gueuze and the introductions in advance at various locations. We wrote a script for the purpose with a tight timing, enabling our film team to record the various experts on a single day - and in coronaproof conditions. This meant that we were able to quickly edit the clips and deliver them in time for the online presentation. 

EYLENBOSCH – press event for OUDE GUEUZE
EYLENBOSCH – press event for OUDE GUEUZE


The big moment came at the end of the event: the tasting. Under the guidance of the brewers and the sommelier of the renowned restaurant Sir Quinten, the beers were judged. The beer had been delivered to the journalists in advance. Anyone who had questions afterwards could of course ask them during the Q&A. The only question that unfortunately could not be answered was: “Boss, can we have another round, please?” ;-) 

The result 

In addition to the delicious beer, the online tasting formula was a big success. No less than 24 journalists had registered. After registration, each of them was sent a box of the new Eylenbosch beers. This resulted in many articles on Belga, in Trends, La Libre Belgique and the specialised retail and beer media. 

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