Team becomes face of recruitment campaign

recruitment campaign

When a family business like Houtshop in Temse is looking for new blood, it is not difficult to decide who should be the face of the campaign. After all, who would be better than the current team to promote a job at the timber merchant? No acting talent required: the reward was not an Oscar for best supporting actor in a recruitment video, but one or several new colleagues.

Young and old

When Houtshop asked FAVORITE! to develop a recruitment campaign adapted to their target group, they emphasized that technical profiles are hard to find. And that not only young workers, but also experienced and/or older employees are more than welcome. Moreover, Houtshop likes to focus on long-term careers and growth opportunities for their people.

The connection with the brand was therefore crucial. By involving the current team in the campaign, we wanted to attract candidates who are interested in working for Houtshop, and not just to do a specific job.


Recruitment video

In addition to traditional advertising that literally looks for a colleague for an existing employee, the team also got the leading role in a recruitment video. Here too, Houtshop’s typically warm and friendly atmosphere is a major asset in convincing candidates. You can see the result on top of this case. Cup of coffee?


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Ultimately, it’s all about making the right choices. We are one of the few agencies in the Benelux to combine the strengths of PR, (digital) marketing, content and design inhouse. So we can translate the most complex issues into successful campaigns. That’s how we build a lasting brand reputation for your company.