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Celebrating a birthday can always use that little bit extra. Certainly when it comes to a significant number. Like for Fujitsu, which saw the light of day 85 years ago in Japan. Leaving aside the fact that the latter is the country where the story of ‘The Sonometer’ takes place, the ‘unfinished comic strip’ from the world-renowned Suske & Wiske comic book series which was published to mark its 75th birthday. That is truly a match made in heaven.

Extra insert in the comic book

With the publisher Willy Van der Steen, we agreed that Fujitsu could distribute a separate insert that would then be added in a limited edition to The Sonometer comic book. All Colors worked out the concept with a complete mini-story, for which we took charge of both text and design. In each case with a twist and a link to the characters of the comic strip. Traditional historical data were presented as ‘Wiske’s Wisdom’. The daily oversight of the process with the printer and publisher was business as usual. 

Once this asset was ready and the comic book with the extra insert printed – in 2000 Dutch and 500 French copies – each partner of Fujitsu was sent the comic book with a personalized birthday card as a thank you for their commitment and their loyalty to Fujitsu. 

500 leads

In addition, this unique comic book also became an important part of a lead generation campaign run via LinkedIn. Via a sponsored post, people could download the Fujitsu insert and those who provided their contact details received the full comic book by post at home. The first part of the campaign generated some 500 leads. And not only from comic book fans.

A second stage of the campaign is now under way. Of the 500 leads who responded, six winners stand to win a Fujitsu DSA analysis for their companies. Boxes full of Japanese snacks and drinks were sent out for this event. And a card stating whether or not they have won and a link to further instructions.

To be continued

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Fun ‘Wiske’s Wisdom’ results

With this campaign, Fujitsu Belgium has scored points not only with its clients and partners. The initiative has also been picked up within the organization by colleagues in France and Luxembourg. They found it such a great idea that we had around 2000 more copies of the comic book printed for them for distribution to their partners and clients.

The marketing campaign did not go unnoticed by some of the Suske & Wiske fan clubs. We made a deal with one of the largest clubs under which they would receive a number of much sought-after copies of The Sonometer in Fujitsu style for their members.

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