Solar Weekend

Solar weekend

Ultimate Ears
solar weekend 

The right rhythm in your social post is extremely important if you wish your community to attend Solar 

Ultimate Ears' USPs (resistant to water, dust and wear) make the brand ideally suited to outdoor activities. Therefore, it didn't take us long to come up with a mix of adventure, fun and festival. With Ultimate Ears, we became part of a brilliant project team that would make the Solar weekend festival a definite hit! 

We put our money where our mouth was, and attended Solar together with the Ultimate Ears community. Ultimate Ears organised its own little party there, which was obviously warmly embraced by the community… 

Solar Weekend Community


We positioned Ultimate Ears online as a festival partner, and ended up joining them to Solar and the Ultimate Ears party in the shower and near the Ultimate Ears stage that had been set up. 
Facebook turned out to be the best platform, as this is where the community we wanted to reach hangs out! The posts for this campaign were placed according to a very carefully designed plan to produce a perfect cocktail of attention and engagement. 

Solar Weekend

“This turned out to be one of the most amusing workshops of Solar weekend!” 

% community growth
% engagement rate

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