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Belgica residential tower

residential tower

The exclusive story of the Belgica 

A few years ago, the old Boelwerf shipyard in Temse was transformed into a new and living part of Temse, with a mix of residential options, an SME zone for small manufacturing companies and space for businesses in the service sector. An eyecatcher is the Zaat, the line on the banks of the Scheldt River with a variety of new apartment buildings. The Belgica project is the latest residential tower on the water’s edge, and is also the most prestigious of the projects. Thanks to the fun but sophisticated architecture, each apartment has a view of the Scheldt. 

NV Nieuw Temse, the joint venture between the contractors Cordeel and Aertssen that took on the development of the zone, called on the services of an on-site specialized real estate firm for the sale of the lots and apartments. In order to support them, Favorite! worked out a layered campaign to make the project better known and to arouse the interest of the right – select – target group in the apartments in the Belgica project.

At the centre was the branded Belgica website developed by Favorite! With attractive images, 3D renderings, text and ground plans, the website provides the necessary information about the various options. Next, a direct mail campaign was addressed to a select public, and an advertising campaign in exclusive magazines incited potential buyers to come and live on the banks of the Scheldt.

The direct mailing was sent to 7500 contacts (with very few returns) and had an immediate impact on website traffic. Thanks to our campaigns, more than 5K unique visitors from the chosen target group and the region came to the Belgica website in one month.

Belgica residential tower

Our PR team also looked for a good PR story in which the link to the old Boelwerf – Belgica is also the name of one of the ships built at the shipyard – the story of the development by NV Nieuw Temse and of course the rebirth of the last residential high-rise was also mentioned. This provided good coverage in the national and regional media, as well as in trade magazines (including with the B2Ai architectural firm). The total media value of all articles was nearly 75K euros.

Anyone who wishes to see the Belgica from close by must make sure to visit Temse. We will be happy to welcome you for a coffee, for our office is also located on the Zaat. Although not in this exclusive high-rise 😉 

Belgica residential tower
Belgica residential tower

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