‘Gardening is something you do naturally with Naturen’

convince starting gardeners

Gardening expert 

‘Gardening is something you do naturally with Naturen’. With this campaign line, FAVORITE! raised awareness of Naturen as a brand among starting gardeners in the targeted age group of 25-45 years and established Naturen as the number one product for gardening.

Ambassador Bartel Van Riet

The campaign line indicates that choosing Naturen is obvious and natural. To convince starting gardeners, we chose a familiar face as ambassador for ‘basic’ gardening. Bartel Van Riet is not only physically present, he is also the voice of the campaign and acts as an advisor. In this way, we wanted to present Naturen as the expert in gardening.


Practical tips & videos

Initially, we established Naturen as a brand through a TV campaign, complemented by print activities. In addition, we played out the role of expert on online and social media. For example, we shared instructional videos with Bartel on all sorts of topics such as: ‘How to prepare soil’, ‘How to grow tomatoes’, etc. On the Facebook page Bartel gives practical tips and he also answers questions about vegetable gardening.

The commercials and instruction videos can be viewed on

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