The website as (white) motor of our own

new website MilkBE

new website

MilkBE… with the website as (white) motor of our own

MilkBE is the relatively new sectoral organization of the dairy sector and represents both the producers and the purchasers (buyers and processors) of milk. In the summer of 2020, MilkBE launched a pitch to help them create a website from scratch. We ranked as the best of 3 agencies in the final selection process.

Creating a website may seem a simple task, but in this case, there were a few elements that made it all a bit more complex. On the one hand, the site would be used both for B2C and B2B. For the former, it was mainly a question of present the vast amount of information in a structured manner. For the latter, the website was to serve internally as a tool for working and holding meetings in a standardized fashion.


Once there was consensus about the new structure for the website and the wireframe, our experts could get to work. Development was done in Drupal, which is the ideal platform for this type of project. Design then took charge of presenting the content in an attractive web design. That is an exercise involving a great deal of consultation, since the original text can sometimes be too long for the design, for example. The opposite can also happen. 😊  The aim is for MilkBE to be able to manage its content itself going forward. The staff of MilkBE were given the necessary training for this – from a distance, because of COVID-19.

New website MilkBE

Complex is OK, too

For the members of MilkBE, we also provided an account with a login feature. They were subdivided into groups and could now schedule meetings, make appointments and share documents internally via the website. This user management is quite a complex aspect that our developers have set up in a very effective manner.

In our approach, we ask the client’s approval at each stage of the process. That may sometimes seem unnecessary and a waste of time, but in the end, there is everything to be gained. We are therefore flexible in this regard, while keeping our eye on the deadline. As a result, in the case of MilkBE, we worked with the point persons at MilkBE to ensure that the site was ready to launch in March 2021.

Overall, our hands-on and quite direct approach made the difference, and this was appreciated by the client:

The website is very user-friendly and leaves you a lot of freedom in terms of lay-out and the possibility of adding special functions. Our contact person was always available for questions about the functionalities. We are happy with the process and the final result.

Astrid Van Gerven, Secretary of MilkBE 

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